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* J O U R N A L * J A R *

Journal Jar for the Latter-Day-Saint Soul

Journal Jar for the Latter-Day-Saint Soul
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Welcome to a LDS based community dedicated to giving you DAILY inspiration for your personal journal history. Or at least encouragement to start one. Jump in where ever you can, every other day, or once a week, what ever works for you! Use whatever topics or questions (or variations of them) you want in your own journal, whether it be private, public, or friends only... make a goal to start your personal history today!!

All individuals from any background and faith are welcome to join this community. Since this is a LDS journaling community, some posts will be geared toward LDS topics. However; since this community is available for everyone, all LDS based questions will be placed behind cuts for your convenience. (Feel free to ask questions if you would like on LDS topic questions.) Please check out the community guidelines for all communities that I moderate.

All members: Feel free to comment and post your memories to share with the community, whatever you feel like sharing as long as it isn't distasteful or vulgar. It isn't a requirement to comment if you don't want to.

Happy remembering and writing!